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Puppies have arrived!!!!

One girl and Two boys...all healthy and very active.

The Red Barron!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scooter 9 wks He is in his new home

                                        I am in my new home.

9 wk Sun Dance.

                              Hi, I'm happy, healthy and a quiet little boy.

9 wk Cookie. She has her new family

                                Cookie is 9 weeks and weights 2lb. 5 oz.
                                She has gone to N.J. to be with her new
                                family. She is a happy girl.

Scooter at 8 wks

    Scooter is going to be small. I think I will keep him as a breeder.

Cookie at 8 wks

This is Cookie, she is going to New Jersey soon. She has her forever family
waiting for her there. She is a happy girl and can't wait to see her new home.
Cookie loves to lick faces. Thats how she shows her love. Be ready family
                                                for wet faces.

8 weeks, Sun Dance Kid

               This little guy, we were calling Big T.  The family that named him
        has decided to take our female Cookie. So Big T's new name is Sun
        Dance Kid. He is looking for a forever home. If your interested please
        contact us.
                His Mom is wearing a T shirt, so the pups can't try to nurse.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pup for sale

This is the Sun Dance Kid . He is full of fun, and loves to play.
He is just beautiful inside and out.

He would love to have a forever
home, and a family to call his own.

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Don't you think he could be a loving part of your home ?                             

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big T at 7 weeks

                    Look at me, I have beautiful ears and a small muzzle.
               What a good boy I am too. My new family is going to love
                                             playing with me.

7 week Cookie

              Cookie wants to know why I put these bows in her hair. I tell
            because you look like your brothers. She says no I don't. I'm much
                       prettier than them. People will know me anywhere.
                       I may be available if anyone is looking for a female.

7 weeks Scooter

             You can see that Scooter is getting more brown in his face.

6 weeks little girl

                      Sugar's Cookie is a big girl and loves attention from
                    people and her uncle Peanut. All the pups just love to play.

6 week old tiny boy

                     This is tiny boy he has a name now. His name is Sugar's
                                               Scooter Crunch.

Big T

          This is Big T isn't he beautiful. He is 6 weeks and eating big boy food.