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Puppies have arrived!!!!

One girl and Two boys...all healthy and very active.

The Red Barron!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tiny Boy. Small but mighty!

                                 Our tiny boy weights 5.7 oz. now. He is doing very well. He a great
                                 little eater and loves to be with his Mom. He has the most black on
                                 him.  At the vet they said he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. So
                                 I've been calling him Tux. Don't worry family you get to name him.

Our big girl with eyes open

                         I am planning to keep this little girl as a breeder if everything goes right.
                         She has caught up to her big brother in size and weights 7.2 oz. She also
                         has more black on her back than he does. Please remember that the color
                         of a puppy can change over time. So we may see some gray as they grow.

This is our bigger boy at 2 weeks

                                At 2 weeks his eyes are open and he weights a whopping 7.2 oz. 
                                If you notice he has a dark patch of hair on his right cheek. So I have
                                been calling him smudge. His forever family will name his.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our big boy. This is at 1 week old.


Even though he is just a tiny fellow at just 5 oz. ,  "He started out at 4.6 oz."
He is still the largest puppy of the three.  He has the most white on him. 

Our girl! At 1 week old

I am hoping to keep this little girl. She started out at 4.1 oz and is now 4.6 oz.  She has a black heart on her left side. I am thinking about calling her Sophia's Heart.  If you have any suggestions for a name, I would love to hear them.

Tiny boy at 1 week old.

Our Tiny little boy is 3.8 oz today. He started out at 3.0 oz.  He is still thin but Sugar is trying to fatten him up. We have notice a patch of brown on his bum , he may be tri-color.